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I am a visual effects artist and colourist with 20+ years experience. I provide remote post production services for all types of media project for ad agencies, communications companies, production and post production companies. My work ranges from completing individual shots and returning them to an edit session, through to mastering a complete project from concept to delivery. Apart from owning a plethora of post-production hardware and software, I use cloud technology to allow me to scale up as needed, both in terms of processing hardware but also engaging and building bespoke teams of creative artists. By working remotely, I do not spend my client’s money on palatial offices or copious cappuccinos. Rather, every penny of the budget works to make their projects look better than their competitor’s.

What I Do

Main areas of post-production

Visual Effects

Visual effects shots of any type; green / blue screens, rig / item removal, beautification / cosmetic work, set extensions etc. See the VFX showreel below for breakdowns.

Colour Grading

For complete project mastering, I can conform, online and colour grade with my own fully capable grading suite. View my colour grading reel below.

Complex Projects

I am experienced at creating projects using advanced forms, such as very high resolutions, odd aspect ratios and 3D/4D wrap-around experiences including VR, AR, and MR, I can also programme Unity for full interactivity.

Project Involvement

I am happy to help at every level of the project.

  • Initial Concept
  • Shooting Advice
  • Post Production
  • Mastering & Delivery

Contact Me

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